Daddy’s home!


Sit back, relax and review some useful Dad-tips for surviving pregnancy.

Don’t comment on her eating habits… Ever.

Even if it’s 3am and she wants spareribs and

cream soda. Don’t do it.

Why are you crying? Don’t ask that!

Her hormones will answer you

and you don’t want that.

Don’t comment on the way she

dresses. You can’t be more tired

than her. She’s making a human

being; she’s obviously more

tired than you.



on her weight

Try to avoid saying “no” to her

or denying her anything…

it’s not a good idea.

“Yes!” Say this word

enthusiastically and often.

“Other than your baby-bump,

I can’t even tell you’re pregnant”

Use this when she asks you

how she looks.

“I understand…”

even when you don't.

“I love you”

As much as possible

(that’s basic!)

“I want to read books about parenting

and pregnancy” (And do it. It actually helps)

Numerous doctors visits:

Try to be there for her as much as you can.

Remember appointments yourself,

without her prompting you;

it will mean a lot to her.

Locate the bathrooms:

Pregnant woman go to the bathroom A LOT!

Her need to pee will be constant. Be patient

and help her locate bathrooms

wherever you go


Pregnant woman tend to forget things,

they call this baby-brain. Help her out when

she loses her purse, keys, coat, the dog,

her phone, your phone etc…

this won’t last forever and it’s

not her fault.


Even if it’s not the middle of summer,

she’s going to feel hot and there is

nothing you can do about it, except

turn on the air-conditioning and don’t

freak our when you see your next

electricity bill.


It’s going to happen. Sometimes you won’t

understand why she’s crying and sometimes

neither will she. That’s fine, just be there for here.