The Daddy Guides


Dressing Your Baby
Dads have the power to find the perfect outfit.
Just follow these simple rules and you will know
what to do when you open the closet.

The bermuda triangle

You don’t mix stripes, dots and checkers with each other. EVER.


The headache

Two different prints together > no!

Prints all over > no!

Some colors just don’t go together:

You can’t go wrong with:

Colors from the same palette go well together. Pink is just an example.

One color can go with one print.
For example a yellow shirt with printed pants.

Black and white
always go well together.

One color can go well
with dots, strips or checks.

It wasn’t me!

In case you don’t follow the rules and your baby

ends up looking like your curtains,

there's only one thing you can say…

Baby picked out

the clothes...